Star Time Costa Mesa Established in 1990.
Technician Experience is over 25 years.

About the technician and Star Time:
Par Liboon has been a hands on technician since his early years. He had repaired TVs, Radios, Motorcycles and watches prior to 1980. This diversity helps him today in resolving problems in watch repairing that may not be taught in any type of watch repair class.

Par Liboon became a specialized watch technician in 1980. Par is very experienced in repairing mechanical , digital, kinetic (TM), and automatic movements ranging from zero jeweled to over 28 jeweled movements. Par has been repairing clocks since 1990. For over 25 years Par has over 10,000 watches and hundreds of ROLEX (TM) fine watch repairs watch under his belt.

Currently DOES NOT repair jewelry.

Par and Family - Star Time
In 1990, Par and family gave birth to Star Time and opened its doors to Costa Mesa and its neighboring cities. It was not long before the word was out that there was a specialist in watch repair that provided excellent service, convenience, and price that came with a friendly service - free of charge.

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