Got a clock that you can carry into the shop?
Do not wait 2-6 months! Yes, 6 months is what some expert repair shops are quoting in Costa Mesa. Par will be glad to provide you a quote that is low in cost and short in lead time. Some clocks need cleaning, some need parts. Feel free to have a clock repair shop look at it first and than give Star Time a chance to take a look at your clock. Some repairs are approximately 3 weeks to complete after a quotation has been approved.

Why can he do it in such a short amount of time?
While clock shops advertise that they repair clocks - therefore resulting in becoming overwhelmed with work, Star Time does not advertise heavily on clock repairs. In the 16 plus years, Star Time has been blessed with not needing to advertise on a consistent basis. Star Time is grateful of it's loyal and friendly customers that pass the good word onto their friends. Par enjoys fixing watches and that is why this site is on the internet. This site is to promote Par's skills and inform Southern Californian's about his great services.

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There is a one year warranty for the cleaning and oiling of the all watches for time keeping.