About the technician and why you should use the services:
Par Liboon has been repairing watches for over 35 years. Par has worked at over 5 stores prior to opining up his own. The ability to fix watches right the first time is a great advantage as a watch technician.

Should you fix a Seiko valued at a retail price of $150?
At times, it's about $38.00 to clean and oil a battery powered or mechanical Seiko watch. You may purchase a new crystal that starts at $20.00. This will often times, will make the watch look significantly newer and have it tell time accurately. All estimates are free of charge.

Battery Replacement.
Pay less and save time at Star Time. The technician is highly qualified to replace batteries as you wait. Prices are about 40% 100% less than the mall. Batteries range from $6.00 - $8.00 for brands like Casio, Seiko, Citizen to $12.00 - $25.00 plus for Concord, Movad0, Ebel, and Gucci

Cleaning of inside/Overhauling
(Prices may vary from style and may change at any time)
$38 - $48 plus for Seiko, Casio, Citizen

$58 - $68 plus for Omega, Movado, Gucci

$20 - $30 plus for Seiko, Casio, Citizen
$30 - $60 plus for Omega, Movado, Gucci

While other watch stores and less experienced technicians charge over $450 for a ROLEX (TM) repair. Par provides a valuable service of overhauling most ROLEXS (TM) for approximately $315.00 and up.

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There is a one year warranty for the cleaning and oiling of the all watches for time keeping.





Cleaning of all inner parts
Oiling of all necessary jewels, pinion, gears.
Cleaning of metal band and case
Adjusting the time-keeping
Replacement of rubber gaskets
Pressurization of watch for 30 bars
Comes with a 1 Year Warranty
Turn time is one week from drop off.
-NOTE-Repairs are subject to parts and additional charges, if needed upon evaluation if the watch.

Brands of Watches Sold:

Why Buy from Star Time:
We provide a savings Year Round on current model of watches. While many department stores carry large quantity of watches of the same style, Star Time carries one or two quantity of one style but has a large collection of that brand. Come in around the holidays and avoid the crowds at the indoor malls. Parking are steps away form the door.

Typical Repairs:

  • Cleaning and oiling
  • Cleaning of bands
  • Replacement of glass or plastic crystal
  • Replacement of pins
  • Replacement of bands

Battery Replacements :

  • Starts at $5.00 plus tax.
  • Some Movado and High End Watches require a special battery. These starts at $18.00 plus tax.
  • Takes about 5-10 minutes for most brands.
  • Replacement of gasket at additional $5.00 and up.
  • Water testing on water resistant watches starts at $20 additional.


  • Replace gasket.
  • Actual testing using water - without movement inside.
  • Cleaning of Band.
  • Comes with a One Year Warranty.