Rolex Repairs.

Cleaning and Oiling.
We remove the inside of the watch and disassemble the parts. We then place the parts into a 4 cycle cleaning machine that removes dirt, old oils, film, and any debris that may have cause the watch to not work properly. Once the 4 cycle process is completed the technician oils and assembles the watch movements accordingly applying proper amounts of oils and grease as needed. The skill is in how much and where to place the oil and grease. Too much or too little will place too much friction on axial, pinion, gears, and other sensitive components.

Star Time cleans the outside of the watch by placing the watch without the inside into an industrial ultrasonic machine that vibrates the dirt off the watch. The watch is placed into the machine that has a cleaning solution. The solution helps loosen and remove the dirt.


Most Cleaning and Oiling will make a watch work again if it has not had water damage, inexperienced tampering, or severe/high g-force impact on the watch. Cleaning and Oiling starts at $250.00

Ship us your watch - We'd be happy to repair it!
Please ship to:

Start Time - Repair Center
401 E. 17th Street #B
Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

1. Please insure the item.
2. Please assign Signature Required.
3. Please include what is wrong with the watch.
4. Please include a pre-authorization (e.g. please repair if under $60.00 and add $15.00 for shipping and insurance.
5. Please include a phone number.
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7. Please include Card information. You can select to provide at a later date.

Please call us if you have any questions: 949-642-5453




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